Plastic Surgery at Quirónsalud Hospitals in Spain

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a speciality that corrects congenital or acquired problems that affect the shape or appearance of the body. Our team of highly qualified surgeons aims to improve the external beauty, well-being and health of the patients.

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a speciality that deals with different areas and systems, so it often benefits from collaborations with other specialities and the diagnostic technology and safety offered by the Quirónsalud Hospital Group.

With regards to female surgery, we specialise in breast augmentation and reduction, breast lifts, tuberous breast correction, tummy tucks, arm and thigh lifts, genital surgery and post-mastectomy reconstructive surgery at the breast cancer unit.

We also perform male breast reduction and facial surgery, such as face lifts, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, ear correction surgery and jowl surgery.

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    Treatment information

    • We have experience of over 10,000 surgical procedures.
    • We use the latest advances in surgical techniques and simulation and virtual reality systems.
    • We apply safety and quality criteria in all the techniques and materials that we use.
    • We have developed a post-operative recovery method called Quick Recovery Procedure (QRP), which speeds up recovery times and enables patients to return to normal life in a few days. This process has been presented at various international congresses.

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    Our clinics

    Teknon Medical Centre Barcelona

    Teknon Medical Centre

    Private health care reference on the
    Spanish Costa Brava

    Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital

    Quirónsalud Marbella

    Private health care reference on the
    Spanish Costa del Sol

    Quirónsalud Madrid Hospital

    Quirónsalud Madrid

    Private health care reference in the
    Community of Madrid