Bariatric Surgery Quirónsalud Hospitals in Spain

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is performed to help you lose excess weight in a lasting and effective way through minimally invasive surgery to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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Bariatric Surgery

The Bariatric Surgery service comprises a multidisciplinary team of experts who perform surgical procedures used to treat obesity, looking at decreasing body weight and as an alternative to treatment through other nonsurgical means.

  • We have the most experienced medical teams of Spain.
  • Minimally invasive techniques used in most procedures.
  • Integrated work team with resources to deal with conditions in a global way.

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    Treatment information

    • We carry out a comprehensive personalised treatment of obesity, suggesting the most appropriate strategies for the patient. The aim is to reach the adequate and agreed body weight with each patient in a gradual and controlled manner.
    • There are different alternatives to achieve these that begin with a conservative treatment, based on making changes in the diet and lifestyles of each person.
    • When necessary, there are endoscopic and surgical techniques that help the patient achieve this weight loss.

    Diseases, treatments and techniques

    In this operation, the stomach is sectioned to make it smaller and suture the small intestine to the small stomach created.

    In this way, the amount of food intake and its absorption is lower. After the operation, the average weight lost is usually about 30% of total weight and 70% of excess weight.

    It is one of the most standardised and effective methods of weight loss.

    If you have tried different diets and failed to lose weight or are in a situation where a diet is not working, this is the ultimate opportunity to solve your weight and obesity problems.

    You should not be guided by the extremely economical options which do not offer the best guarantees for the future.

    Consider that inside your stomach for about 6 months you will have an intragastric balloon in place.

    Revolutionary non-invasive surgery by which a reduction of the stomach is achieved in less than 1 hour.

    With this technique, the capacity of the stomach can be reduced by about 20%. Contact us to change your life and eating habits from this technique.

    In this surgery a section of the stomach is resectioned into a long tubular shape, removing approximately 80% of the stomach.

    Although the stomach is smaller, it works in the same way as before the operation.

    The intestine is not sectioned so the food follows the same path as before surgery.

    Bariatric Surgery Quirónsalud Hospitals in Spain

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    Quirónsalud is the number one hospital group in Spain and Europe

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    Reduces cholesterol levels and eliminates muscle pain associated with being overweight


    Lowers blood pressure and controls diabetes


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