Ophtalmology Treatments at Quironsalud Hospitals in Spain


Our Ophthalmology specialists work on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of vision-related diseases, as well as their management and research.

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Ophtalmology Treatments

We have a highly qualified team, which, together with the latest technological advances, provides a complete and highly professional ophthalmological service which helps and resolves vision problems that present in the youngest to the oldest patients.

  • Personalisation of treatments.
  • 100% laser eye surgery to correct vision problems in the safest, fastest, and most effective way.
  • Over 3,600 operations each year as proof of our work and professionalism in eye care.

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    Diseases, treatments and techniques

    Laser eye surgery which uses different methods. Some are performed using just one laser and others use a platform comprising two different lasers. Only the centres equipped with all the necessary technology to perform the different treatments, as is the case with Quirónsalud, can offer patients the most suitable treatment for their case. The medical team works with the latest refractive technology: Excimer laser, femtosecond laser, PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), LASIK, Epicrystalline Intraocular Lens ICL and facorefractive surgery.

    Cataracts are the clouding and hardening of the crystalline, a natural lens which is part of the eye and which focusses images on the retina.

    Cataracts are broken by using ultrasound and the pieces are absorbed through irrigation or suction. Once clean, the intraocular lens is implanted. The method is known as cataract phacoemulsification. If the intraocular lens is multifocal, trifocal or toric due to astigmatism, it becomes facorefractive.

    Blepharoplasty or eyelid plastic surgery enables us to remove excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids, which causes that look of tiredness, in order to achieve facial rejuvenation by removing unsightly eye bags and shadows. Sometimes, the eyebrows are also lifted, when they droop over the eyelids. Currently, this procedure is performed using non-external scarring techniques, such as the endonasal technique or using diode laser, which reduce patient discomfort.

    The sensitive internal eye layer is the object of the retinal sub-speciality, where many advances have been made in recent decades: the posterior virectomy involves inserting three instruments through incisions measuring less than 1 millimetre through the external sclera wall and into the eye, which are observed with a microscope through the dilated pupil; one to illuminate with a fibre-optic, one to irrigate and a third to cut and manipulate.

    The surgery aims to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) to levels that no longer damage the optic nerve. To do so, we must create a drainage for the aqueous humour contained in the upper part of the eye. The classic technique is the trabeculectomy, which involves creating a fistula from the Upper Chamber of the eye towards the subconjunctival space, depending on different variants. Another way is to insert valves which control the drainage of the aqueous humour. There are many types of valves; the most modern are relatively simple to implant.

    We can turn to the surgical treatment that always involves weakening or strengthening one or some of the muscles which control the movement of the eyes.

    Ophtalmology Treatments at Quironsalud Hospitals in Spain

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